What is ARCA and how it changed Koss

What is ARCA?

The Administration of the Royal City of Arceu (ARCA) is the local government of the Kossian capital. Founded on March 22nd, 115, it is composed of:

  • Council on Tobacco and Alcohol (CTA)
  • Directorate of Women Studies (DWS)
  • Office for Educational Matters (OEM)
  • Royal Treasury of Arceu (RTA)
  • Network of Active Participants (NAP)

The ARCA answers directly to the Office of the Anax and collaborates with Ministries and Departments to undertake projects and initiatives. It helped establish the Safety Clearance for the NIA, liquidated TransArceu, was one of the main forces behind the closing of all diplomatic relations in the Ghost Reform and created along the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) the Network of Active Participants (NAP) which tracks persons of interest to the Administration.

Who is behind the ARCA?

In one simple word: me.

Wait, what?

Everyone who starts a nation wants to work for their nation. Help develop their nation. Work for their nation to be respected. This is admirable and takes hard work. It is how Koss operated. But as responsibilities increase in real life, I found myself having ever so little time to do my micronational duties. A common problem with all micronationalists I am sure.

So I reversed it.

Koss, more specifically ARCA, works for me.

The CTA? Tracks my consumption of alcohol and tobacco and makes sure I don’t die from either of them

The OEM? Makes sure I get university work done.

The RTA? Manages all the money I have, takes care of my expenses, investments, debt, etc.

The DWS? I hope I don’t have to explain.

A lot of people are probably shaking their heads right now and saying: “You don’t have a nation, you have a system”

Well, what is the purpose of a nation?

To provide a good quality of life to its citizens.

I am Koss’ citizen.

That means I get all the attention.

Instead of having to create a model which suits everyone, I can create a model which suits me. Solutions tailored to my every need.

I don’t have to worry about activity, because Koss and my life are aligned. Koss will be as alive basically until I am dead.


My to-do list


You notice the little acronyms right next to every task? Those are Kossian administrative organs.

RTA = Royal Treasury

SSR = Secretary of Strategic Research (existed long before the GUM one m’kay)

NAMC = National Asset Management Company

OEM = Office for Educational Matters

DoI = Department of Interior

RS = Royal Smoke

And it is not only organs from the ARCA, Minstries and Departments now serve me.

Ministry of Commerce? Takes care of all imports and exports

Department of Narcotics? Same thing as the CTA, only with other substances.

Ministry of Health? I take it you can guess

Ministry of Sound? New music

Ministry of Culture? More knowledge.

Koss isn’t just pretty laws and appointed positions.

It is practical. It’s useful.

Koss is alive.