Statement of the Anax: On Culture

Most people don’t really build a culture in their micronations. Especially one man nations. Their institutions are a result of their allies and enemies’ institutions. Micronations with many citizens don’t have this problem so much. With a plurality of citizens, there is already a culture within the group,  that is embraced by the micronation. You would think the same would happen in one man nations, but it doesn’t. Most one man states become almost solely on foreign affairs, and their institutions, are a direct result of external relations. A great deal is being said about the inactivity that is plaguing the community, but I believe our community is going through a transition. I have had this theory for quite a while and referenced it some times in passage. MicroWiki History always involved people that dedicated a lot of time towards micronationalism, and while I do know some people that still do dedicate a fair amount of time, it does not compare. I can only say from 2010-2013 that I experienced first hand, but I believe that as early as 2008, MicroWiki was a 24 hour shop, there was always someone in it. I could come in 3 am on a Saturday, 5 am on a Monday, 2 pm on a Thursday, 4:20 on a Weednesday and there would be people in the chatrooms talking about something…usually crazy. Treaties, ideas and mergers were always being thrown around, relationships were based on the organization you were a part of (OAM, GUM, etc). It was a prosperous time, but a time which left many nations as a shell.
A shell nation (Papian: conchination) is a micronation which developed its foreign affairs and neglected its domestic affairs. It has little to no culture and servers primarily as a mean of communication between the ruler and other nations. Koss was such a case. Very little actually was done in Koss. What was done was either in response to something that happened in the community or a result of activity for the sake of activity. I believe many nations suffer from the same, to various degrees. Some probably don’t even realize it. You see, Koss jumped into bed with so many nations that it had to be vigilant about foreign affairs all the time. You know that girl that is always in relationship because she can’t be alone? Koss was the micronational equivalent of the girl. Finally, in 2015, 5 years after I founded my first micronation, I realized how empty Koss was. Independence came, and since then Koss has shifted its focus from foreign affairs to domestic policy. What we do in Koss certainly affects the community, and a lot of our project rely on the community’s cooperation, but the most important projects are all for Koss. A micronation is a temple, whether you are a 100 people or 1 person, it should embrace its people’s value and develop a culture, growing from the inside out.
The problem is we are in the middle of this transition. We are posed between micronational globalization and micronational nationalism, time leaning towards one, time leaning towards the other. It already has started, projects, which were chiefly carried out by organizations are increasingly becoming led by small work groups and government agencies. Even the GUM is experiencing its own lack of initiative. International relations are downsizing to more direct bilateral and trilateral relations. At the same time, foreign affairs will decrease in importance for each micronation and agencies such as Ministries of Culture and other cultural related initiatives will pop up, helping nations define themselves and truly appreciate micronationalism.

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