Royale to start issuing bonds in November.

ARCEU – The banking authority of Koss, Royale, will start issuing bonds in an effort to raise capital. The news comes as Tetex (formerly the State Company of Holdings and Investments) and RPL International (formely the Kossian Importing Company) break record number of revenue.

The bonds are issued in Austral Francs and may be bought with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. The interest rate on the bond is of 8% per year. In Koss there is no capital gains tax and payouts are delivered quartely in the bondholder’s prefereable currency.

Kossian companies break record number of revenue.

Tetex, an investment firm focused on cryptocurrencies and precious metals, was a large proponent of the last month’s adoption of Leie Nº43. Tetex has seen a growth of nearly 50% this year, managing nearly 161 260 Austral Francs (~100 000 USD) in assets. Tetex has also started services to repatriate money in South America.

RPL International, formely the Kossian Importing Company, is responsible for 90% of exports of the State of Koss, totalling nearly 16 126 AUF (~10 000 USD) in 2017. The company has announced plans to expand its operations beyond headshops. Next on its list are health clinics and health stores. The goal is to triple its revenue before Carnival 2018.

The Secretariat of Communications has also announced a 50% partnership with a Brazilian entrepeneur to establish an importing company to provide the Brazilian government with uniforms. The project is being carried out by the Office of the Anax and is expected to start operating this month.





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