Public sector expands with Leie Nº33

ARCEU – The Office of the Anax approved Leie Nº33 on Friday, January 20th. The law calls for the creation of several state companies as well as new institutions for the Government. The Leie (law in papian) was prompted by a new direction taken by the Kossian Government.

Historically, the public sector of Koss has been relatively small. Centered around the political framework of the country. However, since the foundation of the Micronational Economic Group and the development of MicroBank facilities, the Government of Koss has been pushing for a more active role for the Administratia Publiq (Public Administration). As a result, Leie Nº33 calls for the creation of:

  • National Asset Management Company (NAMC)
  • Agricultural Development Authority (ADA)
  • TransArceu
  • Secretariat of Strategic Research (MoC-SSR)
  • Amen Solutions

The National Asset Management Company (in Portuguese: Companhia de Gestão do Património Nacional / in Papian: Companie den Gechio den Patrimonie Nacionalie) is a state company, under the Ministry of Commerce, responsible for the administration of resources of the Government outside of Koss, these include the personal bank accounts and investment porfolio of the Anax. The NAMC is currently managing the foreclosure of Hapiness Extension Unipessoal Lda in Portugal.

The Agricultural Development Authority (in Portuguese: Autoridade de Desenvolvimento Agricultural) is a new administrative organ under the Ministry of Commerce created due to the State’s entrance to the International Agricultural Development Pact. The agency is located in the Duchy of High Paradise, where there is already a small growing sector of agriculture.

TransArceu is the state-owned company which holds a monopoly on all forms of transportation within Koss. It is set up under the Department of Interior and employs the newly created Vehicle Registration Number (NRV). The Company operates daily trips between Nemed’s Palace and the Residence of the Anax. The Company also operates charter trips to the Duchy of High Paradise, the next one being schedule for February 20th.

The Secretariat of Strategic Research (In Portuguese: Secretária de Pesquisa Estratégica / In Papian: Secretarie den Investigachio Strategiq), set up under the Ministry of Commerce, was established in order to help the NAMC in researching economic prospective with macronations. Currently, the SSR is researching the possibility of working with the South American government in procurement.

The Ministry of Commerce released a statement saying: “The State of Koss right now is exploring all aspects of an economy. The creation of instruments in which we can research, develop and experiment these aspects is essential to continue our mission.”