Statement of the Anax: On Culture

Most people don’t really build a culture in their micronations. Especially one man nations. Their institutions are a result of their allies and enemies’ institutions. Micronations with many citizens don’t have this problem so much. With a plurality of citizens, there is already a culture within the group,  that is embraced by the micronation. You […]

MicroWiki Newsroom – Weekly Roundup

19th of November OMF announces diplomatic ban 21st of November The Department of Immigration of the State of Koss announces the creation of the Citizenship Request Form for Civitetos (a class of citizens for those who hold multiple micronational citizenships) which can be viewed and filled here: 23th of November A prosperous diplomacy 26th of […]

Okay kids, time to calm down

  The last few days have been…pretty nice actually. My company is trying new marketing techniques, I am reading Letters to His Son and Young Man’s Guide and Moral Letters to Lucilius, exercising everyday. Oh fuck, this is a micronationalism, I forgot. ANYWAY The last few days in this forum have seen somthing which OBVIOUSLY […]

Being a part of this community is a privilege.

The following is a letter addressed to the community, particurlaly to micronations which joined since late 2013. Dear community, The revival of the GUM has led many nations to apply for membership within the organization. However, from the responses I have seen, I feel that most micronations are completely wrong in their assessment of how […]

Anax amends law regarding recognition of micronations

ARCEU – Earlier today, the Anax of Koss, Lucas Campos, amended Law 002 – Recognition of Micronations, expanding the number of micronations recognized by the State. The law came into effect in July 15th, 113 E.I. (old calendar: July 30th, 2015), establishing the framework for micronational recognition within Koss and recognizing 19 micronations. As of today, […]