MicroWiki Newsroom – Weekly Roundup #2

6th of December

KOSS – The Holy Church of Koss has bestowed Snoop Dogg the title of Patriarch of the Church. He was informed of his bestowment just now by the Office of the Anax.

As a result of Project Scientia, the portal of the Department of Immigration is now completed and available at immigration.stateofkoss.com . Foreigners can apply for citizenship there and also find work.

AUSTENASIA – Cities Act passed

7th of December

KOSS – Ned Greiner, known in Koss as Eduardo da Vila, has been appointed to the office of Vice-Director of the Ministry of Culture.

10th of December

ABELDEN – The Duke of Trentonshire, father of the Former Empress Rachel I, died on the 2 December 2016 at just the age of 44. A 12-day mourning period has been announced by the Emperor and the Federal Government. (link)

12th of December

AUSTENASIA – Cool Barbie XI – Infiltration: TRAILER

ÜBERSTADT – First snow for Northwest nations doesn’t stick around (link)

King Adam in GUM Chair bid (link)