MicroWiki Newsroom – Weekly Roundup #3

15th of January

SANDUS – GUM rejects Sandum observer application

SHOREWELL – “In light of recent events, Shorewell may withdraw itself from this community, ending any organizational membership or diplomatic ties If the General Assembly or Imperial decree is issued on this matter in favor of leaving the community, I shall leave from the chatroom”

AUSTENASIA – Further expansion for wildflower meadows

16th of January

KOSS – The State of Koss has applied to join the IADP. The Office of the Anax, with the approval of the MAE and the DoI, has ratified the Charter through Leie N32.

FARRAR – The Farrar Republic has been accepted to the MEG

MCARTHIA – Treaty case brought to Mcarthian courts

18th of January

FARRAR – The Farrar Republic has established a stable government

KOSS – Office of the Anax approves Leie Nº34

LUNDENWIC – Arco Mediterraneo sees snow for the first time since 1983

21st of January

SABIA AND VERONA – The secret meeting of Liberal and Leftist Virny wasn’t invited to

22nd of January

INTERNATIONAL – Universal Triumvirate legislative term begins



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