Government unveils Ghost Reform

ARCEU – The Office of the Anax has approved on Wednesday the Project of Leie Nº7, entitled Ghost Reform. The package of reforms deals directly with issues of inactivity within the State of Koss and affects the Department of Interior (DoI) as well as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Health (MdS) and Culture (MdC).

The Leie calls for the disestablishment of the Secretariat of International Development (SDI-MdC) and the Secretariat for South American Integration (SISA-MAE). Both have been inactive since earlier this year. All projects of these organs have been put on hold.

The Secretariat of Immigration (SI-DoI) has been tasked with conducting a nation-wide survey for the renewal of citizenship. All citizens interested in remaining in Koss are required to answer this survey. Non-compliance will result in revocation of citizenship.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) has called a halt to new international relations. Current diplomatic missions are not affected, however, new relations are strictly forbidden until new directives from the Office of the Anax.

The Food Administration, also referred to as FOODS or FoodAdm, has been established as an agency of the Ministry of Health (MdS). This comes as the Office of Anax seeks to further develop Kossian cuisine with quarterly publications on local dishes, ensure quality within Kossian borders and advise on health matters.

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has presented a new clearance level for documents ranging from K1 (available to all) to K5 (approval required by the Office of the Anax). The Security Clearance Level (NSP) has been developed as the Office of the Anax develops 6 new projects: Project Angel (Holy Church),  Project Versace (Royale/NAMC), Project Redbone (Ministry of Health), Project Broccolli (Royale/NAMC), Project Tattoo (Ministry of Culture), Project 4 (Secretariat of Strategic Research – Department of Interior).

The new Leie shows a new direction in Kossian politics. A centralization has happened within the capital city of Koss, Arceu. The Administration of the Royal City of Arceu (ARCA) has shown over the last couple of months substantial strength and desire to be the epicentre of Koss.

The Secretariat of Communication released the following statement:

The Ghost Reform allows for our State to focus on what truly matters: us. Koss has, for the last year, balanced international relations and internal development, however, the Public Administration believes this diversification has led us astray from our main goal. As such, we are pursuing a more isolationist policy.