Government announces reforms to the State Company of Games

ARCEU – This Friday, the State Company of Games (SCG), responsible for the operation and regulation of all gambling activities within the Realm, has been reformed by Leie Nº31 into the Gaming Company S.A (GamiCo).

The reforms come as the Government of Koss aims to internationalize the gambling company. The Government’s plans constitute in the privatization of 49% of the GamiCo as part of the plan to bring one more people onboard. On Friday evening, Nedbank – Koss, a subsidiary of Nedbank, purchased 19% of GamiCo S.A. for an undisclosed amount.

Should GamiCo produce any games, NedBank will feel our investment was well-placed.

Government of Nedland


With still 30% left for privatization, the Ministry of Commerce has reached out to Veronabank, a private Lurkish bank with subsidiaries in Koss, to also participate in the consorcium of GamiCo.  So far, no comment has been made by Veronabank’s representatives.  Anax Lucas Campos described the reform as part of “an attempt to further develop micronational gambling” which has “every support for the Government of Koss”.