What is ARCA and how it changed Koss

What is ARCA? The Administration of the Royal City of Arceu (ARCA) is the local government of the Kossian capital. Founded on March 22nd, 115, it is composed of: Council on Tobacco and Alcohol (CTA) Directorate of Women Studies (DWS) Office for Educational Matters (OEM) Royal Treasury of Arceu (RTA) Network of Active Participants (NAP) […]

Statement of the Anax: On Culture

Most people don’t really build a culture in their micronations. Especially one man nations. Their institutions are a result of their allies and enemies’ institutions. Micronations with many citizens don’t have this problem so much. With a plurality of citizens, there is already a culture within the group,  that is embraced by the micronation. You […]

Being a part of this community is a privilege.

The following is a letter addressed to the community, particurlaly to micronations which joined since late 2013. Dear community, The revival of the GUM has led many nations to apply for membership within the organization. However, from the responses I have seen, I feel that most micronations are completely wrong in their assessment of how […]