Royale to start issuing bonds in November.

ARCEU – The banking authority of Koss, Royale, will start issuing bonds in an effort to raise capital. The news comes as Tetex (formerly the State Company of Holdings and Investments) and RPL International (formely the Kossian Importing Company) break record number of revenue. The bonds are issued in Austral Francs and may be bought […]

Government unveils Ghost Reform

ARCEU – The Office of the Anax has approved on Wednesday the Project of Leie Nº7, entitled Ghost Reform. The package of reforms deals directly with issues of inactivity within the State of Koss and affects the Department of Interior (DoI) as well as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Health (MdS) and Culture (MdC). The […]

Government announces reforms to the State Company of Games

ARCEU – This Friday, the State Company of Games (SCG), responsible for the operation and regulation of all gambling activities within the Realm, has been reformed by Leie Nº31 into the Gaming Company S.A (GamiCo). The reforms come as the Government of Koss aims to internationalize the gambling company. The Government’s plans constitute in the privatization […]

Government of Koss announces package of reforms for next year

ARCEU – The Government of Koss announced on Monday a package of reforms set to take place on January 1st, 115 (January 1st, 2017). The package, drafted by Anax Lucas Campos establishes three new state organs: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Secretariat for South American Integration (SISD-MAE) and the Department of Interior (DoI). It transforms the […]

MicroWiki Newsroom – Weekly Roundup #2

6th of December KOSS – The Holy Church of Koss has bestowed Snoop Dogg the title of Patriarch of the Church. He was informed of his bestowment just now by the Office of the Anax. As a result of Project Scientia, the portal of the Department of Immigration is now completed and available at […]