Government of Koss announces package of reforms for next year

ARCEU – The Government of Koss announced on Monday a package of reforms set to take place on January 1st, 115 (January 1st, 2017). The package, drafted by Anax Lucas Campos establishes three new state organs: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Secretariat for South American Integration (SISD-MAE) and the Department of Interior (DoI). It transforms the […]

And the nominees are:

The Micronational Awards Institute, an entity headed by the Republic of Mcarthia, the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic and the State of Koss, has published the final list of nominees for the Micronational Awards 2016. The final voting can be done through here. Most Improved Nation Abelden Koss Mcarthia Nedland Shorewell Micronationalist of the Year […]

MicroWiki Newsroom – Weekly Roundup #2

6th of December KOSS – The Holy Church of Koss has bestowed Snoop Dogg the title of Patriarch of the Church. He was informed of his bestowment just now by the Office of the Anax. As a result of Project Scientia, the portal of the Department of Immigration is now completed and available at […]

Statement of the Anax: On Culture

Most people don’t really build a culture in their micronations. Especially one man nations. Their institutions are a result of their allies and enemies’ institutions. Micronations with many citizens don’t have this problem so much. With a plurality of citizens, there is already a culture within the group,  that is embraced by the micronation. You […]